Effect of basil essential oil on some mold bacteria strains

Tinh dầu húng quế
Basil essential oil

Basil essential oil, a precious natural product, has been used since time immemorial for a variety of purposes, from relaxation to health and beauty care. Basil essential oil has been used in traditional medicine and folklore for a variety of benefits. In particular, one of the remarkable effects of basil essential oil is on mold bacteria.

1. Mold and the importance of controlling them

Nấm mốc làm hư hỏng thực phẩm
Mold spoils food

Mold, a microorganism that cannot be seen with the naked eye, often exists in the environment around us. They have the ability to reproduce, grow and survive under many different conditions, but are especially adapted to humid and warm environments. In particular, mold is also the cause of many health problems such as respiratory infections, skin allergies (when inhaled or contaminated with mycotoxins) and affects the environment, damaging the environment. asset.

A safe, effective solution to control them is to use natural active ingredients – basil essential oil. Learning about the effects of basil essential oil on mold strains is an important part of finding new ways to minimize the effects of mold in everyday life.

Basil essential oil has the potential to provide important benefits in the prevention and control of mold growth. The active ingredients in basil essential oil have antibacterial and antifungal properties, creating an unsuitable environment for their survival and survival, creating a clean space to protect children’s health. People.

2. The active ingredients in basil essential oil and its ability to resist mildew

Tinh dầu húng quế kháng nấm mốc
Basil essential oil anti-fungal 

Basil essential oil contains the components thymol, carvacrol and cinnamaldehyde which are considered important factors contributing to the antibacterial and antifungal properties of basil essential oil. These substances create an environment where mold can hardly survive and grow.

Studies have shown that basil essential oil has the ability to inhibit the growth and survival of common mold strains. Basil essential oil inhibits the growth of mycelium, clearly demonstrating the potential of basil essential oil in controlling and preventing the spread of mold.

A study published in the Asian Journal of Food and Agriculture has published the results of evaluating the antifungal effect of basil essential oil on several mold strains. Scientists have tested basil essential oil in different concentrations. The study was carried out at 25°C for 7 days. As a result,   at a concentration of 0.6%, basil essential oil showed the strongest ability to inhibit the growth of mycelium against strains of F.moniliform (100%), P. grisea (100%) and F. proliferratum (49.6%). At a concentration of 2.0%, strains of B. oryzae, A. Brassicicola and A. flavus were inhibited with rates of 97.40, 94.62 and 59.25%, respectively. The results obtained can be a premise to open up hope for a safe organic agriculture, without the need to use synthetic pesticides.

References: Antifungal activity of essential oils from basil (Ocimum basilicum Linn.) and sweet fennel (Ocimum gratissimum Linn.): Alternative strategies to control pathogenic fungi in organic rice

In another study published in Iran in 2009, it was found that basil essential oil at all concentrations completely inhibited the growth of the fungus Botrytis cinerea. In vivo experimental results showed that basil essential oil at the used concentration inhibited B. cinerea bacteria from growing on strawberries. It can be concluded that basil essential oil, due to its higher antifungal properties, is effective as an alternative to artificial fungicides in the control of fungal diseases, but further research is needed to determine the appropriate formulation. The use of basil essential oil to replace fungicides is very beneficial for the agricultural industry, ensuring food safety.
References: Effect of Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) Essential oil on Gray Mold Control and Postharvest Quality of Strawberry (cv. Selva)

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3. Recommended use of basil essential oil in mold prevention and control

Sử dụng tinh dầu húng quế diệt nấm mốc
Use basil essential oil to kill mold

3.1. In living space

  • Make a mildew resistant spray: Mix 10-15 drops of basil essential oil with water in a spray bottle and use it to spray in mold-prone areas like corners, closets, and bathrooms. This not only cleans the space, but also prevents mold growth.
  • Use in cleaning products: Add a few drops of basil essential oil to floor cleaners or surface cleaning products to remove mold and bacteria. This helps to maintain a clean and safe space.

3.2. In the working environment

  • Create a scented space: Use basil essential oil in an essential oil diffuser to clean the workspace and create a comfortable environment, preventing musty odors.

3.3. In the industry

  • Add to food products: Use of basil essential oil as a natural preservative in the food industry. Basil essential oil is both a seasoning and a flavor enhancer for foods and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • Natural preservatives: Use basil essential oil as a natural preservative for food products. This helps maintain product quality for a long time without the use of synthetic chemicals.

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