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Organic Cut Stick Cassia

Product information
  • Moisture : 13.5% max
  • Impurities : <1%
  • Length : Cut according to customer's request
  • Packaging : As per customer's request
  • Transportation : 17-18 tons/40HC container or 8-9 tons/20HC container
  • Cultivation Area : Yen Bai, Vietnam
Product Description

VIPSEN Organic Cut stick cassia meets the following conditions:

1. Cultivation soil

  • No deforestation for organic cultivation.
  • Soil has either never been farmed or has a minimum conversion period of 36 months.
  • The soil has been protected from erosion and saline intrusion.
  • No simultaneous production, organic fields are not adjacent to conventional fields.
  • Organic fields have buffer zones to prevent the spread of chemical pollution. There are trees and windbreak materials to prevent the spread of chemical pollution from conventional fields.
  • Irrigation water sources are rigorously tested to ensure they are not contaminated.
Organic soil

2. Seedlings

  • Seeds or cutting branches are not treated with chemicals before planting. Plants for seed and cuttings come from certified organic cultivation areas. They are healthy and at least 20 years old.
  • Seeds are germinated using traditional techniques with appropriate moisture levels, ensuring high and healthy germination rates.
  • Diseased seedlings are removed, and immediate isolation measures are taken.
Organic cinnamon nursery

3. Fertilizers

  • Fertilizer ingredients include composted manure, green manure, straw, and other mineral materials from natural sources.
  • No use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic hormones.
  • No use of urban compost.

4. Pesticide

  • No use of chemical pesticides.
  • Use of natural insecticides such as garlic, ginger, Bordaux 1%, or xoan (Chinaberry) leaves.

5. Equipment

  • No use of equipment (sprayers, hoes, shovels, etc.) used in conventional fields for organic fields.
  • All agricultural tools and equipment are brand new 100%
  • No use of inputs with GMOs in the farm.
  • Bags, pouches, and all containers used for transporting and storing organic star anise are brand new, clean, and not reused.

6. Farm Records

  • Regular recording of materials, inputs for organic cut stick cassia fields.
  • Activities such as weeding, soil mounding, fertilization, pest control, transportation, and sale of organic cut stick cassia are all recorded in detail to ensure fast and reliable source traceability.