Ginger oil Vipsen
Tên khoa học:
Zingiber officinale Zingiberaceae Oil
Mùi vị:
strong-smelling oil - spicy, sharp, warm, which smells of actual ginger.
Màu sắc:
Ginger oil can vary in color from pale yellow to a darker amber color
Thành phần chính:
A-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, 1,8-cineole, linalool, borneol, y-terpineol, nerol, neral, geraniol, geranial, geranyl acetate, b-bisabolene, and zingiberene.
Xuất xứ:
Sản lượng hàng năm:
500 MT/ Year


Ginger is a moisture-loving plant but does not tolerate waterlogging, suitable for growing in regions with a short dry season and when tubers need relatively high temperature conditions. Vietnam is a country with many regions with suitable climatic conditions for ginger to grow such as: Thanh Hoa, Yen Bai, Hoa Binh, Lao Cai, Bac Giang, Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Son La, An Giang, Soc Trang, Central Highlands,…
In ginger root, the content of essential oil accounts for 1-3%; That is, 100kg of Ginger root can extract 1kg to 3kg of essential oil.
Due to climatic conditions, the quality of Vietnamese ginger is highly appreciated, so the quality of ginger essential oil is also higher than that of other countries.

Raw material area ginger Vipsen
Harvesting ginger Vipsen


Ginger is planted around the beginning of April (wet season). It is necessary to choose good varieties, good soil and to take care of the plants properly to bring high yield and best quality of ginger root. After about 9 months, at the time of harvest, the leaves of the ginger plant turn yellow and wilt. When harvesting, it is necessary to dig carefully so that the ginger root is not broken, affecting the quality of ginger and essential oil. The stem and leaves will be left in the planting area, evenly covered on the ground.


Vipsen extracts ginger essential oil by steam distillation. Distillation equipment uses steam distillation technology, heated through a large-capacity boiler. The condenser uses beamforming technology to ensure maximum efficiency.
After separating the ginger essential oil from the steam, the essential oil will be collected into separate containers to ensure the uniformity and quality of the product. Finally, the essential oil will be stored in a cold storage to preserve quality.

Vipsen's factory
Ginger essential oil has many applications


Health care
Digestion: Ginger essential oil has the effect of improving digestive function, reducing bloating, indigestion. Ginger essential oil also enhances cardiovascular function and is an antioxidant. In addition, ginger essential oil also helps to warm the body and relax the mind.

Food Technology
Ginger essential oil is commonly used in the food industry. Sauces, condiments, and broths are often used to add flavor to other foods. Ginger essential oil is also an indispensable material for the production of candies and ginger-flavored beverages.

Pharmaceutical technology
Ginger essential oil has warm properties, so it is used as a flavoring for massage creams, ginger capsules, production of sauna products, expectorant lozenges, cough suppressants, etc.


Specific gravity: 0.870 – 0.882

Refraction Index: 1.488 – 1.494

Optical rotation: -47° to -28°

Main ingredients: Zingiberene >26%

Ginger oil Vipsen


Packing: Ginger essential oil is packaged in units of Liters or Kg depending on customer requirements: 1L, 5L, 10L, 30L, 180L/1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 30Kg, 180Kg…

Storage: The product is packed in standard HDPE packaging. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not let essential oils get into eyes, open wounds, sensitive skin.


Domestic: Flexible transportation nationwide by sea, car, plane…

Export: Ship/Airplane, Export terms: FOB/ CIF/Door to door…

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