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Vietnamese Basil Essential Oil – Methyl Chavicol content (>80%) makes a DIFFERENCE

01/02/2024 vipsen

1. Basil plant in Vietnam

1.1 Introduction to basil

Basil’s scientific name is Ocimum basilicum L., belonging to the Lamiaceae family. The tree is widely grown in Asia, Africa, America and other temperate climate regions around the world. In Vietnam, the tree is grown in all localities from North to South

Basil growing field

1.2 Value of basil plant.

The nutritional composition of basil includes protein (3.15g/100g), fat (0.64g/100g), energy (23Kcal/100g), vitamin C (18mg/100g), vitamin E (0.80mg /100g), vitamin K (414.8mcg/100g), calcium (177mg/100g), iron (3.17mg/100g), potassium (295mg/100g), magnesium (64mg/100g) and sodium (4mg/100g)

In Vietnam, Basil is a frequently used culinary herb. In addition, the plant is used medicinally to treat colds, fever, cough, sinusitis, headaches, rheumatism, warts, worms, and kidney failure.

2. Vietnamese Basil essential oil

2.1 Extraction Method

Basil essential oil is extracted from the stems, leaves and flowers of the plant. Basil plants are harvested, pre-treated, and washed before being ground. Basil essential oil is extracted by steam distillation.

On the outside, the essential oil has a light yellow color and a characteristic aroma of basil. The average essential oil content in the plant is about 0.3%.

The best time to harvest basil during the day is at 8 am. During this time, green plants promote photosynthesis, promoting the synthesis of amino acids, increasing the conversion of amino acids into essential oils. Therefore, the amount of essential oil in the plant will be higher than at other times of the day. The longer the sunshine lasts, the more water vapor escapes through the air, leading to stronger evaporation of essential oils, causing the amount of essential oils in the plant to decrease.

The extracted essential oil content depends on the source of raw materials, technique, distillation equipment, distillation time… The maximum amount of essential oil that can be extracted is 0.6% of the fresh sample weight.

Harvesting basil on the field

2.2 Main ingredients of Vietnamese basil essential oil

Basil essential oil contains ingredients with antibacterial and antifungal activity.

GCMS analysis results show that Vietnamese basil essential oil contains 25 components with a total content of 99.99%. The main ingredient is Methyl Chavicol, accounting for 80% or more. This is a very high ratio when compared to basil essential oil grown in the Republic of South Africa (41.4%), Egypt (27.82%), India (38.30%)…

Essential oils have the ability to strongly inhibit the growth of Candida albicans, Candida glabrata, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherachia bacteria… Scientific studies also show that Basil essential oil has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. cervical cancer (Hela) and laryngeal carcinoma… This confirms the potential of exploiting Basil essential oil as a medicinal herb to treat some inflammatory diseases caused by bacteria and fungi.

Basil Essential Oil, product of VIPSEN VIETNAM

3. Basil essential oil at VIPSEN essential oil factory.

VIPSEN is one of the leading researchers and producers of natural essential oils in Vietnam. Essential oil products are produced using advanced methods, achieving high quality with 100% natural ingredients, without additives or mixtures.

Basil essential oil products are produced by VIPSEN from selected raw materials, from famous basil growing areas in Vietnam. The production process from planting and harvesting raw materials to producing and preserving finished products is always closely monitored by a team of experienced experts and technicians. VIPSEN’s basil essential oil products are not only popular in Vietnam but are loved all over the world.

VIPSEN experts in the basil raw material area

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