VIPSEN is a trademark owned by Hanoi Natural Essential Oil Jsc,. 

For more than 10 years on the market, we have always persisted in the tendency to naturalize our products. Now we are providing some products such as: Essential oils, Vegetable oils, Natural active compounds/ natural herbal extracts. We also own experienced R&D team with understanding the market and our customers, we own natural cosmetic brand, and research and transfer natural cosmetic formula to pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food production units at the same time. 

We understand that the quality of products and services is the core issue to determine the success of the business. So, we are always strict in very stage of product creation, from the selection of soil and climate to develop the raw material area, to controlling the entire production process according to ISO standard, and taking care of, solving all customer problems in the most dedicated way. 

Over the past 10 years, VIPSEN has accompanied farmers in all parts of the country, guiding them to reclaim, cultivate and sustainably develop Vietnam’s precious plant resources, and at the same time bring income stability for many households. We have built many high quality raw material areas, large quantity, serving the needs of domestic production and export such as: Citronella – Lemon grass material resources, Cinamon – Anise material resources, Peppermint – Sweet Basil material resources, Cajeput – Eucalyptus material resources, Ginger – Tumeric material resources, Tamanu, Benzoin gum, Soapnut, Coconut material resources… 

With all the respect for Mother Nature and the righteous business attitude of the Pharmacists, VIPSEN maintains its commitment to becoming a companion of Vietnamese farmers, and a reliable partner of domestic and international enterprises.  

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