Satellite Cinnamon processing factory

  • VIPSEN’s satellite cinnamon processing factory is located in Tran Yen district, Yen Bai, which is considered the cinnamon “capital” of Vietnam.
  • Cinnamon products are closely monitored and controlled by VIPSEN experts from the stages of selecting ingredients, cleaning, processing and packaging. Output products are always thoroughly checked for quality, size, moisture… to meet export standards.
  • VIPSEN’s cinnamon processing capacity:

Cinnamon tube: 500 tons/year

Cut cinnamon: 300 tons/year

Cinnamon split: 300 tons/year

Powdered cinnamon: 100 tons/year


Processing - Packaging - Transportation Cinnamon

  • Cinnamon bark is harvested from cinnamon trees over 5 years old, carefully selected, classified, and processed. Cinnamon is then dried naturally or dried at a temperature of 48-55 degrees Celsius, ensuring a moisture content of less than 13% and a rolling degree of 85-90%.
  • Cinnamon is cut and packaged according to customer requirements (cartons, mesh bags)
  • VIPSEN has professional sales services, consulting, and support to handle problems during the purchase and use of customers’ goods.