Production – Processing – Export Process

Selecting High-Quality Seeds
The seeds (grains, tubers, branches, etc.) are meticulously chosen by VIPSEN experts, with clear origins and suitability for local cultivation conditions, soil nutrients, and planting techniques.
(Photo: Basil seeds)
Nurturing seedlings
VIPSEN performs seedling techniques, guiding and controlling scientifically the process to ensure uniform germination and healthy seedling growth in a short period.
(Photo: Farmers planting seedlings)
Seedlings are directly selected before planting. The soil is thoroughly checked for its looseness, nutrients, and drainage capacity. Only organic fertilizers are used to ensure healthy plant growth. The planting technique is closely monitored by the VIPSEN team.
(Photo: Ginger plantation)
VIPSEN guides farmers and monitors the plant growth process, closely controlling plant care techniques: watering, organic fertilizer application, light conditions, pest and disease treatment... Say no to chemicals and pesticides.
(Photo: VIPSEN experts inspect a basil field in growth)
Farmers' harvesting is ensured with correct, safe techniques for maximum yield and to ensure continued good yields in the next crop. After harvesting, agricultural products are properly processed and preserved.
Photo: Harvesting tamanu)
The raw materials are further selected and pre-processed before being manufactured into finished products. VIPSEN equips its factory with modern processing lines for agricultural products, meeting food safety standards and certified ISO22000, GMP, and HACCP. VIPSEN's processed agricultural products include: fresh ginger, dehydrated ginger slices, frozen peeled ginger, ginger powder, ginger oleoresin, star anise, cassia, cassia tube cut, split cassia, cassia powder...
(Photo: fresh ginger exported from VIPSEN ginger processing factory)
Essential Oil and Base Oil Production
The input materials are selected and processed. The production system at VIPSEN's essential oil factory meets GMP, HACCP, ISO22000 standards. The produced products ensure purity, 100% natural, free from impurities, and chemicals.
(Photo: VIPSEN workers are preparing raw materials for exporting anise essential oil production)
Packaging and storage
VIPSEN has an unlimited warehouse and cold storage system to preserve goods. All spice and essential oil products are packaged and stored according to export standards for high-end markets and exactly meet customer requirements.
(Photo: Part of the warehouse storing essential oils and base oils at VIPSEN's essential oil factory)