Sticking with Essential Oils since 2009, when our Founders were still Laboratory Scientists at Hanoi University of Pharmacy. Passionate about the pure scent of nature and manually collecting ingredients for distillation, cherishing and collecting every drop of essential oil, then our thoughts are simply Spreading that passion for nature to people who have similar interests.

Just like that, a natural essential oil company was conceived and formed, spent many years sticking with individual customers; we gradually realized the greater demand for Essential Oils and Natural Products from the market. Therefore, our Vision and Mission become broader…



  • Before we became traders, we were Scientists. We uphold the value of Trust in business. Straightforward and Sincere is how we serve our customers.

  • As a manufacturer, we have a thorough understanding of the product. We build scientific production process and rigorous quality control process to ensure consistency in product quality. We are always committed to providing our customers with the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

  • We recognize Human Resources as the core of every sustainable business. At Vipsen, we always focus on training human resources to accumulate full knowledge – experience – ethics to operate and develop businesses.

  • We have a large network of connections with thousands of Vietnamese farmers to have an abundant, rich and diverse source of raw materials. We bring stable income to farmers on the basis of exploiting agro-forestry products in a sustainable way and respecting nature.

  • We are deeply aware of the relationship between businesses and consumers’ health and the influence and responsibility of businesses on the colors of the national flag. We are gradually becoming a typical and prestigious Vietnamese enterprise in the eyes of international friends, bringing pride to the country.