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Skin care with natural essential oils is safe and effective

22/10/2023 monamedia
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During days when the weather is hot or cold, you will definitely have to deal with many skin problems. In the summer, your skin will easily get sunburned when you go outside a lot and especially UV rays will affect your skin. In winter, facial skin will easily become dry due to dry weather. So you need to have careful skin care steps to nourish your skin effectively. Currently, many women prefer skin care methods with natural essential oils. So what are the benefits of natural essential oils in skin care? Let’s find out with VIPSEN through this article!

Natural essential oils with beauty and body care benefits

Natural essential oils are known as products extracted from natural herbal sources to extract bottles of pure essential oils with the best quality. That’s why natural essential oils are safe products for users’ health that many spas prefer to use in skin care treatments for their customers.


Natural essential oils are products that contain many active ingredients with antibacterial and antifungal properties, so they should be used in combination with a facial steamer to help effectively care for the skin. Using essential oils in combination with a vaporizer will help purify, detoxify and reduce pores, helping to reduce hidden acne, inflammatory acne and acne on the skin.

Not only that, natural essential oil products also help keep skin healthy and soft. Many people also use essential oils as a substitute for skin care cosmetics. Instead of using skin creams that contain many chemicals combined together, users can use essential oils combined with carrier oils to massage the facial skin. Massage movements will help blood circulate easily on the facial skin, making the facial skin softer, smoother, rosier and brighter. Not only that, natural essential oils are also cheaper than expensive cosmetics on the market. That’s why many women today use essential oils as a skin care treatment to help save money and bring many good benefits to the skin.

Not only that, except for some essential oil products with high levels of antibacterial and antifungal active ingredients, essential oil products such as lavender essential oil, essential oil Ylang Ylang,… can be easily absorbed into the skin, does not cause greasy or stuffy skin when combined with carrier oil. Essential oils will help create a covering layer to help protect the skin and help moisturize the skin better.

With the above uses, essential oils will certainly be a product that many people use in their skin care process.

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Oily skin care therapy with natural essential oils

Oily skin or oily skin is one of the common skin types among many women. Oily skin will be prone to acne, especially on hot summer days, the skin will easily secrete oil, catch dust and get more acne. Therefore, on summer days you should take appropriate skin care steps to limit acne appearing on your skin.


The cause of excessively oily skin can be due to genetic factors or other factors.Environmental stains such as temperature, humidity, environment, etc. Therefore, when using essential oils to steam your face, it will help shrink the pores on the skin, reducing the secretion of lubricants. on the facial skin and at the same time this is also a natural therapy to help take better care of health and beauty.

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Hopefully this article from VIPSEN will bring you information on how to care for your skin with appropriate essential oils. And if you want to buy essential oils in large quantities, you can contact VIPSEN today to receive many attractive incentives.

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