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Fight postpartum depression with jasmine essential oil

22/10/2023 monamedia

Postpartum depression is currently a common illness in many postpartum women. After giving birth, a woman’s body will experience changes in the hormone estrogen, causing women to feel tired, stressed, and depressed, thereby causing depression. Besides, the process of taking care of children also makes women lack sleep, think a lot and worry. These are also some of the causes of depression in postpartum women. So is there any way to completely treat postpartum depression in women? 

Jasmine essential oil reduces depression

Jasmine essential oil is an essential oil product known to help fight depression, soothe emotions and increase energy. The gentle scent of jasmine essential oil will also help people feel comfortable, reduce stress and feel happier. 

In addition, the scent of jasmine essential oil also stimulates the release of hormones in the body to help improve the patient’s mood.

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In addition, jasmine essential oil is also used to steam the bedroom to help you sleep better and deeper, creating a feeling of relaxation after a long day. work. The most prominent effect of jasmine essential oil is that it brings a sweet fragrance that can immediately soothe the nerves, helping postpartum women reduce depression, always feel full of happiness, and improve their mood. status, reducing negative emotions during the process of taking care of small children.

Using jasmine essential oil properly for women with postpartum depression

You can use jasmine essential oil for postpartum women in the following two ways to help reduce stress and fight postpartum depression. 

  • Using jasmine essential oil through the respiratory tract: you can combine using jasmine essential oil with an essential oil diffuser or essential oil diffuser for best results. You just need to put about 3-4 drops of essential oil into the essential oil diffuser then connect it to the power source, in just about 2-3 minutes the scent of jasmine essential oil will spread throughout your room. Some studies show that the aroma of jasmine essential oil will help postpartum women feel more comfortable and no longer feel tired or stressed while taking care of their children. In addition, you can also put essential oils on a cotton pad and then place it in the corner of the room to help the aroma of the essential oil diffuse more easily.
  • In addition to using essential oils through the respiratory tract, you can also massage a postpartum woman’s body with jasmine essential oil. The simplest way is to add a few drops of jasmine essential oil into the bath water and then soak in the bath to relax your body. The essential oil particles will penetrate through the pores, preserving the subtle scent of jasmine after bathing. Or you can also take jasmine essential oil combined with carrier oil to massage your body. Gentle massage movements will help a woman’s body relax, forget all feelings of sadness and depression and gradually improve her mood.

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Important notes when using jasmine essential oil

Jasmine essential oil is a product that brings many uses, especially helping to fight depression for postpartum women. However, when using essential oils for postpartum women, you also need to note the following:

  • You should test essential oils before using to see if the essential oils cause irritation to the body. If you notice redness or itching on your body, stop using essential oils immediately and go to the nearest medical facility for examination.
  • Do not use essential oils for more than 4 hours at a time and do not use essential oils frequently.
  • Jasmine essential oil is a product popular with many users, so you should choose reputable essential oil suppliers. to avoid buying fake or counterfeit goods.

Hope this VIPSEN article will bring you a lot of useful information about jasmine essential oil products, as well as its anti-depressant effectiveness for postpartum women. !

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