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Good folk tip: treat baby’s cough with cajeput essential oil

22/10/2023 vipsen

Cajeput essential oil is one of the most commonly used products today, especially for children and pregnant women. Because young children and pregnant women are very sensitive, they cannot use drugs or products that are harmful to their health. However, cajuput essential oil is a product extracted from fresh cajuput leaves so it can be used without worrying about harming the user’s health. Not only that, cajuput essential oil contains many active ingredients that are extremely effective in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal. Many people often use cajuput essential oil for children to treat coughs. Let’s join VIPSEN to learn good folk tips to treat coughs for babies!

1. Treat your baby’s cough by applying cajuput oil to pillows and blankets

Young children have weak immune systems so they often suffer from diseases such as cough, flu, fever, runny nose,… especially diseases that are easily transmitted through air. Respiratory. Every time their children get sick, parents become even more worried and often give their children Western medicine to get better quickly. However, when children are young, using Western medicine can easily cause drug abuse, even drug resistance, which affects the child’s immune system. That’s why when your child has a cough, you can use cajuput essential oil to apply on pillows and blankets to help the child feel more comfortable and reduce coughs. 


Not only that, you can also use cajuput essential oil combined with carrier oil to apply to areas such as the soles of the feet and gently massage to help children feel better. better immune system.

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2. Use cajuput essential oil to keep your baby’s body warm 

You can also use cajuput essential oil to keep children’s bodies warm by taking a few drops of cajeput essential oil combined with carrier oil and then using the mixture. Apply the above mixture to areas such as the back, chest, neck and gently massage the child. Essential oils will help warm the body, increase resistance and prevent colds and flu whenever the weather changes. 

3. Increase children’s resistance with cajuput essential oil: apply on baby’s shirt, bib, and socks

Another way to help increase children’s resistance and prevent respiratory diseases from spreading to children when using cajuput essential oil is that you can use Melaleuca essential oil to apply on baby’s clothes, bibs or socks. The scent of cajuput essential oil will spread to the surrounding air. When children inhale cajuput essential oil, it will help their resistance become better. 

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4. Use cajuput essential oil to bathe children with cough 

When your child has a cough, you can use cajuput essential oil to bathe your child. First, take a basin of warm water to bathe, then add a few drops of cajuput essential oil to the bath water to help the child’s respiratory system circulate more easily. Not only that, cajuput essential oil contains active ingredients that will help fight bacteria, fungi and viruses extremely well. That’s why bathing children with coughs in bath water mixed with cajuput essential oil will help reduce coughs effectively.


6. Where to buy reputable and quality essential oils to treat coughs for babies?

On the market today, there are many establishments providing cajuput essential oil products to treat coughs for children. However, if you do not choose quality cajuput essential oil suppliers, it will easily affect the health of children. And if you are looking for a supplier of cajuput essential oil with good quality and large quantity, please contact VIPSEN immediately. Coming to VIPSEN you will receive the following incentives:

  • Essential oil products at VIPSEN are produced with long-term raw materials and distilled in Vietnam to ensure 100% quality. pure.
  • The raw material areas that VIPSEN uses to distill essential oils are all carefully cared for and do not contain chemical fertilizers. or pesticides.
  • All VIPSEN essential oil products are tested and tested for quality before being distributed to the market.
  • When customers buy products in large quantities, they will receive price incentives.

Hopefully through this article you will have the most useful information!

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