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Use jasmine essential oil to treat coughs, expectorate phlegm, and itchy throat

22/10/2023 monamedia

Jasmine essential oil is a product extracted from naturally occurring jasmine flowers, through the solvent extraction method, manufacturers have obtained the Pure essential oil bottles bring many useful uses to users. In everyday life, jasmine essential oil is also known as a product that effectively helps treat coughs, expectorants and itchy throat. So does jasmine essential oil really treat coughs, loosen phlegm, itching and burning and how to use jasmine essential oil to treat coughs? Let’s find out with VIPSEN through this article!

1. Learn about jasmine essential oil 


Jasmine is known as the “king of flowers” when it brings a pleasant, sweet fragrance. Jasmine essential oil is a product extracted from naturally occurring white jasmine flowers, so it brings many uses in life and is especially safe for the user’s health. Jasmine essential oil also contains active ingredients that are beneficial to the user’s health, helping to treat coughs, expectorate phlegm and itchy throat. Therefore, jasmine essential oil is now known as a natural therapy that helps support respiratory problems extremely well.

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2. Jasmine essential oil effectively reduces cough

Jasmine essential oil has the ability to loosen phlegm, eliminate mucus accumulation in the throat and respiratory tract, thereby helping to reduce symptoms of cough and itchy throat.  

In addition, when coughing, the nose will often be stuffy, making it difficult to breathe. Jasmine essential oil molecules have the ability to go deep into the nose and throat, cleaning and clearing the nose, helping you breathe easier and sleep better.

3. How to use jasmine essential oil to reduce cough

So how should jasmine essential oil be used to most effectively help reduce coughs, expectorate phlegm and itch and irritate the throat? You can use jasmine essential oil by the methods below:

  • Using an essential oil diffuser: this is a common method for all types of essential oils. Using essential oil lamps not only helps save essential oils when used, but also allows essential oils to diffuse better, helping to promote multiple uses when using essential oils. On the market today, there are two types of sauna lamps that you can use: electric sauna lamps or candle sauna lamps. However, you should steam essential oils with electricity to ensure safety and more convenience during use.
  • In addition to steaming essential oils with a diffuser, you can also use essential oils to smell directly by placing the essential oil bottle in front of your nose. then inhale gently. Essential oil molecules will pass through the sense of smell and move into the lungs to help treat coughs, loosen phlegm and reduce the feeling of itching and burning in the throat.

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4. A few small notes when using jasmine

Even though jasmine essential oil is a natural product, when used, many people experience itching or allergic reactions. That’s why before using jasmine essential oil, you should try it first by taking a little bit of essential oil and testing it on your skin to see how irritating the essential oil is to your body. 

In addition, you should not use essential oils regularly or continuously to avoid getting intoxicated with essential oils, which can make your body feel nauseous and uncomfortable, but should only be inhaled. essential oils about 1-2 hours before going to bed. 

Do not drink essential oils directly, do not use essential oils directly on the skin of your hands, but should be combined with a carrier oil to reduce the concentration of pure essential oils.

You should use pure essential oils at reputable essential oil suppliers to avoid buying fake and counterfeit essential oil products on the market today.

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