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Should I use handmade lipstick?

22/10/2023 monamedia

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Currently, using and making handmade lipstick at home is popular and used by many women. Handmade lipstick has now become a trend among young people and is posted and used by many bloggers. So should you use handmade lipstick or not and is handmade lipstick as good as rumored? Let’s learn more about handmade lipstick lines with VIPSEN through this article!

What kind of lipstick is handmade?

Different from other product lines from famous brands in the world such as Dior, YSL or 3CE. Handmade lipstick products are all lipsticks made by yourself with natural ingredients. With only these ingredients, people can make their own lipstick at home using a simple and easy-to-follow method. Handmade lipsticks are cheaper than famous lipsticks on the market and especially have a pleasant taste of natural essential oils, making them very popular with women.
Not only that, when using handmade lipstick, you don’t need to worry about factors that cause your lips to become dark, dry,… and especially lead ingredients. Toxic is found in regular lipstick when introduced into the body. From there, you can minimize the types of diseases that are dangerous to your health.
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Some ingredients are often found in handmade lipsticks.

Handmade lipsticks are lipsticks made from natural ingredients. The main ingredients contained in handmade lipstick are: beeswax, shea butter, or carrier oils (olive oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, essential oils,… and use natural ingredients such as fruit strawberries, beets,…). When the above ingredients are mixed together, they will create a handmade lipstick of the best quality.

How to make lip balm at home simply as follows

First, prepare the ingredients to color the lipstick such as: beets, strawberries,… You can wash the above ingredients and then juice them. Take water to create color. Then take beeswax or vaseline and carrier oil in a small bowl to stir well. Put the above mixture in the microwave or steam it until it melts. After the mixture is melted, pour in strawberry juice or beetroot juice, boil in water for about 3 to 5 minutes and then let cool for a while. Add vitamin E to the above mixture then put it in a small glass jar to cool before using.
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Should I use handmade lipstick?

It can be said that using lipsticks sold on the market that contain a large amount of lead to keep the lipstick color long-lasting, etc. This will have an impact. affect the user’s health, causing dark lips. Without lipstick, your lips look pale and difficult to see. Therefore, using handmade lipstick will be a solution to help protect the health of users when using lipstick every day.
Besides, using handmade lipstick will cost less than lipstick products sold on the market, so you don’t have to spend too much on using lipstick. That’s why you should use handmade lipstick instead of daily lipstick to protect your lips.

Where to buy good quality handmade lipstick?

If you cannot make handmade lipstick at home, you can choose handmade lipstick sellers on the market. However, to choose a good quality lipstick, find reputable places that sell handmade lipstick, have a clean lipstick making process, and ensure hygiene so that the lipsticks when used always meet quality standards. quantity.
Hopefully this VIPSEN article will bring you useful information about handmade lipstick products and get an answer to the question “should you use them?” handmade lipstick?”

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