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Deodorize the kitchen with natural essential oils

22/10/2023 monamedia
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The kitchen is the place where daily dishes are prepared for all family members. If you want your house to be neat and clean, the kitchen must be cleaned regularly so that grease and smelly spices no longer stick to the kitchen surface or floor. 

That’s why deodorizing the kitchen space is a difficult problem for many housewives. How to keep the kitchen clean and fragrant without having to use many types of detergents? Using natural essential oils will be the solution to help you solve this difficult problem!

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Useful uses that natural essential oils bring 

Natural essential oils are known to bring many uses to users such as: repelling mosquitoes, reducing swelling, reducing inflammation, helping to eliminate odors and helping treat many human diseases. You can use natural essential oils for the following purposes:


  • Natural essential oils are used by many people to help create a natural fragrance for the room as well as disinfect the air in the room. With natural fragrance, natural essential oils are products used by many spas to help customers feel comfortable every time they enter the spa. 
  • Essential oils are also used by spas or users in massage treatments for customers. Essential oils will be mixed with carrier oils to reduce the concentration. Then combine with massage movements to help essential oils penetrate inside, eliminating toxins from the body. Helps the body relax after stressful and tiring working days. 
  • You can also use essential oils to smell or spray: For people with illnesses such as flu, colds, stuffy nose You can smell essential oils such as peppermint essential oil, cajuput essential oil, etc. to help reduce nasal congestion and make the body feel lighter. Besides, you can also put a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle to spray the surrounding air to help prevent mice, bugs, cockroaches or other insects from entering the house.
  • In addition, essential oil products are also used by many people in combination with aroma lamps in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. or in the bathroom to repel mold, unpleasant odors on long rainy days or the smell of grease and food in the kitchen. The natural scent of essential oils will help keep your home space fragrant and clean.

Surely the many uses that essential oil products bring will make you want to buy and use essential oils for your home, right!

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Instructions for using deodorizing essential oils for the kitchen 

As a product that brings many great uses, essential oils are a product that more and more people are using in their homes for many different purposes. To help keep the room space fragrant and clean, you can use essential oils in combination with aroma lamps or essential oil diffusers. 

Essential oils with high antibacterial and antifungal properties will help disinfect the kitchen space and bring a natural fragrance to help the kitchen space always smell fragrant. flowers or plants.


In addition to steaming with an essential oil diffuser, you can use essential oils, drop a few drops on a cotton pad in the corner of the kitchen to diffuse the essential oils more effectively. . Or you can also use a spray bottle and put essential oils in a water bottle to use to clean the kitchen counter, kitchen counter, and kitchen cabinets after cooking. Essential oils will help eliminate unpleasant odors as well as grease stains after cooking.

And if you are struggling to know where to buy essential oils, you can contact VIPSEN for ordering advice. At VIPSEN, we specialize in providing customers with bulk essential oil products with a full range of natural essential oils for customers to easily choose from. Please contact VIPSEN today for advice!

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