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Using jasmine essential oil stimulates desire and helps make married life more fulfilling

22/10/2023 monamedia

The sweet, delicate scent of jasmine will be a natural medicine to stimulate desire that any couple can apply to enrich their married life. sublimation part. From ancient times until now, jasmine essential oil is a product used in many countries around the world, especially young couples, to stimulate sexual desire. So what is the use of jasmine essential oil in stimulating desire? Let’s find out through VIPSEN’s article below!

1. What is jasmine essential oil?

Jasmine essential oil is a product extracted from the natural jasmine plant. Through solvent extraction, people can obtain bottles of essential oil. Pure ingredients bring many uses in life. With a pleasant, gentle aroma, jasmine essential oil not only helps the patient’s spirit relax, helps calm the mind, sleep well or cure diseases related to the respiratory tract, but also provides stimulating effects. sexual desire.

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2. What is the mechanism for increasing sexual desire in jasmine essential oil?

Using aphrodisiacs can harm the body and even affect reproductive health. However, jasmine essential oil is a product extracted from the natural jasmine plant, so you can use it without worrying about health problems when using it. 


According to many studies by experts, jasmine essential oil contains etheric active ingredients that help blood circulation and increase energy. abundant and boosts sexual desire. Jasmine essential oil also stimulates the pituitary gland to help increase hormone levels in the body, stimulating desire in sexual life. In addition, jasmine essential oil also helps to sublimate and make emotions more romantic.

3. Using jasmine essential oil properly helps increase desire and a fulfilling married life. 

You can use jasmine essential oil in the following ways:

  • Using an essential oil diffuser: Using an essential oil diffuser will ensure safety when used, helping the essential oil diffuse evenly. all over your room.
  • Or you can add a few drops of essential oil into the bathtub so that the essential oil and hot steam will help relax your body. evoke emotions and desires in couples. Not only that, after bathing, the scent of essential oils still lingers on your skin, giving your body a sweet, seductive scent. 
  • In addition to essential oil vaporization, you can also use essential oils to spray the room. The scent of essential oils will spread throughout the room, creeping into the pillowcases to help increase emotions during lovemaking. You should spray essential oils in the room about 30 minutes before bed for pleasurable foreplay.

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4. What should you keep in mind when using jasmine essential oil?

Jasmine essential oil is an essential oil product that is safe for users’ health. However, many people are susceptible to irritation and allergies when using essential oils. So before using essential oils, you should test essential oils with a small amount to see if your body is allergic or not. Although essential oils have many uses for health, beauty and sex. However, when you first use essential oils for love, you should be careful to use small amounts and after getting used to using them, you can gradually increase the dosage.


In addition, you should not use essential oils for daily inhalation because it can easily lead to essential oil poisoning, nausea, discomfort,…

Above is some useful information about jasmine essential oil products that help stimulate desire. Hope you will have more tips in life to  helps love become more intense and filled with emotions.

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