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Unexpected effects of camphor tree on health

22/10/2023 monamedia

When mentioning the camphor tree, many people will surely immediately remember the values and uses that this tree brings in treating a number of diseases. In addition, camphor tree is also used to extract essential oils that bring many uses in daily life. So what are the uses of camphor essential oil? Let’s learn about the camphor tree and camphor essential oil with VIPSEN through this article!

Learn about the camphor tree

Camphor tree is a plant originating from countries such as China, Japan,…. In Vietnam, the Camphor tree of the Moon family is popular. Cinnamon, genus Cinnamon, has the scientific name Cinnamomum camphora. Vietnamese camphor grows naturally in forests in the mountains of the northwest and northeast; In addition, due to the nature of having few pests and fast growing branches and leaves; Camphor is grown as a landscape tree in many urban areas across the country. 

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The entire body of the camphor tree contains essential oils. Through steam distillation, manufacturers have produced camphor essential oil products that bring many uses in today’s life. 

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What benefits does the camphor tree bring?

Camphor is a plant that contains many good active ingredients that provide antibacterial and antifungal effects and is used as an ingredient in modern cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. now. Most camphor trees are extracted to be used as ingredients in products such as ointments, balms, and mosquito repellents. However, products containing camphor can only be used for external use and not for oral or internal use because they may be toxic.

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Camphor essential oil products are often used with steam lamps or mist sprayers to help the scent of camphor spread throughout the space. Smelling the scent of camphor essential oil will help your nose to circulate easily, reduce the feeling of stuffy nose, and reduce stress and anxiety in life. At the same time, using camphor essential oil also helps purify and purify the atmosphere.

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You can also use a few drops of camphor essential oil in bath water for relaxation.n after a long, stressful and tiring day of work. 

The health benefits of camphor essential oil

So what are the uses of camphor tree as well as camphor essential oil for users?

Supports the treatment of many diseases

Camphor essential oil contains active ingredients that provide natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, thereby helping to support the treatment of a number of diseases such as : dermatitis, cough, shortness of breath, flu, cold,…

Effectively reduces inflammation and pain 

In addition, you can use camphor essential oil to help treat lymphadenitis and reduce ear swelling extremely effectively by using camphor essential oil combined. Combine with carrier oil then apply to swollen and inflamed areas of muscles and joints to help reduce swelling and inflammation effectively. 

Has good antibacterial and antifungal properties 

Just like cinnamon essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil or peppermint essential oil products. Because camphor essential oil contains strong antibacterial and antifungal active ingredients, users can use camphor essential oil to help treat scalp fungus and hand and foot fungus. 

By adding a few drops of essential oil into the bath water to help eliminate hand and foot fungus,…then bathing again with warm water will only take a while. Your dermatitis will be eliminated.

Helps loosen phlegm and relieve coughs

In addition, camphor essential oil is also used to help soothe wind coughs, dry coughs, and phlegm coughs in both adults and children. When you have a cough that doesn’t go away for a long time, you can use camphor essential oil combined with carrier oil to apply to the chest area to help soothe the cough and increase the expectorant effect.

Hopefully this VIPSEN article will bring you the most useful information!

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